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Guybro Chemical is committed to providing the best possible experience to its customers and the best possible relationships with employees and suppliers. To ensure the consistent availability and delivery of its products and services.
The Company, like any other firm, is exposed to potential risks that could disrupt or destroy critical business functions and/or the production and delivery of Company goods and services.
Purpose and Scope
The purpose of the policy is to ensure that all Company business activities can be kept at normal or near-normal performance following an incident that has the potential to disrupt or destroy the Company.
Statement of Policy

Each department in the Company is responsible for preparing current and comprehensive business plans for its operations. Certain departments, such as Production are responsible for recovery plans to ensure that any damage or disruptions to critical assets can be quickly minimized and that these assets can be restored to normal or near-normal operation as quickly as possible and supply line is maintained.
Company recognizes the importance of an active and fully supported program to ensure the safety, health and continued availability of employment of its employees and the production and delivery of quality goods and services for customers. Company requires the commitment of each employee, department and vendor in support of the activities required to protect Company assets and survivability.
Policy Leadership
Mr. Gaurav C. Bedi is designated as the corporate management liaison responsible for the program. Resolution of issues in the development of, or support of, all plans and associated activities should first be coordinated with the Team and appropriate internal or external organizations before submitting to the corporate management liaison.
Our Quality Policy is as follows:
Company is dedicated to provide nutraceutical products to customers with adherence to
  High level of Customer Satisfaction
  Increasing the Production capacity.
  Timely delivery of products
  Good Management Practices and
  statutory and regulatory requirements