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The Company does not support, encourage or endorse any form of child labor in our operations throughout the system.
The Company will comply with all relevant and applicable local and international labour regulations, treaties, conventions and principles relating to the protection, welfare and health & safety of children. Furthermore, the Company will not employ any person deemed by local or international laws, conventions or regulations to be a child in any capacity in any industrial operation under its control.

As a good corporate citizen, the Company is committed to the principles of protecting children from child labour exploitation. The Company believes that their future development and that of the communities in which they live is best served through education.

This is a commitment the Company seeks to apply throughout the supply chain, from the provision of materials, to the distribution and sale as well as to the recovery and disposal of waste materials.

The Company has overall responsibility for this policy. Each operating and end-market company is responsible for introducing procedures and programmes to implement this policy and to proactively demonstrate the Company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in this regard.

This policy statement applies to Company and all its subsidiaries and will be reviewed periodically. It will also be circulated to associate companies, who will be encouraged to adopt the policy as best practice.

Provide employees with regular training and awareness building covering the issues in this policy in order to foster an awareness of shared responsibility and accountability.