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  Appointment is effective from the date of joining of the employees.

  Employees will be under probation for a period of Six months and continue to be on probation until confirmed in writing by the Company.

  Employees will be reporting to their Head of Dept.

  Employees will not, without the previous written permission of the management carry on any business or enter, for any part of your time, in any capacity, the services or be employed by any firm, Company or person. If found to do so, Company reserves the right to remove their name from Company payroll and also their dues if any, will be forfeited.

  Employees will neither assign nor pledge to third parties any financial or other assets of the Company or other benefits or may be entitled by way of employment with us.

  Employees will be liable to be transferred to any office, department or establishments or any other company or firm forming part of our organization/group and you will abide by the working hours of the department, office, establishment or firm concerned and do such work as you are directed to do without extra remuneration.

  If employees leave the Company before confirmation, they will be liable to pay Company all expenses incurred on their training.

  During the first Six months period of service, the management is at liberty to terminate employee services without notice in case your work, conduct etc. are not found satisfactory. On confirmation, incase employee wish to leave the employment, they have to clear all market outstanding and are required to give 30 days notice.

  Employees will not, without the written approval of the management, either disclose publish or authorise any one else to disclose, publish either during the terms of the employment, or subsequent one year thereto any confidential or secret information regarding the organization.

  Employees will be responsible for the safe keeping and return in good condition order, of all our property which may be in their use, custody, care of charge. Employer shall have the right to deduct the money value of all such thing fit and proper in the event of failure to account for such property to our satisfaction.

  Employees will keep us informed of any change in residence address.

  Employees will be required to furnish us with two passport size photograph within a week from date of joining.

  The company will have the right to get employees medically examined and to terminate their services if it is found that they suffer from any contagious, serious or loath-some disease.

  Employees will be governed by Holidays as per Company rules.