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aqua industries improve animal health since 1989”

Leading the way to a sustainable disease free animal future

At Guybro, we constantly work towards ensuring access to high quality and affordable products to support farmers in need. With over 33 years of expertise, we have earned the trust of both veterinary professionals and farmers, solidifying our position as the market leader in India's animal health business. We focus our energies on renewing this trust every day. As we keep the interests of our customers at the centre of all that we do, our promises drive us to reach higher levels of excellence

Who We Are ?

What we offer

Driven by our three decades of expertise and in-depth knowledge in animal health, supplying the high-quality products at competitive price and satisfied service for customer is what Guybro Animal Health Pvt Ltd does best. Professional sales team is able to understand customer's special requirement, where we provide not only the products but also the best service. Our ability and our readiness make Guybro Animal Health Pvt Ltd, truly unique in the animal health industry With use of innovative and cutting-edge technology, we strive to develop a strong product portfolio, which includes a range of Nutraceuticals, Branded Ethical Formulations and Contract Manufacturing Services. In response to the industry's rising concerns of issues related to animal health, we will keep introducing innovative approaches to provide animals with new beginnings.

Our inspiration

Dr. C. S. Bedi
(CEO & Founder)

Dr. C. S. Bedi

Dr. C S Bedi at Guybro Animal Health Pvt. Ltd. believes that "If we take care of the present, we inspire a better future."

His dream of a disease-free animal future, a sustainable natural environment, and a healthy global population through providing 100% biodegradable products that leave no residue or resistance in either animals or humans is what keeps us dedicated to provide the best quality products and services to the veterinary clients and the community at large.

We at guybro evolve each day, striving towards the future with encouraging achievements.