Geolite with high porosity allows efficient adsorption (charging) and rapid loss (re-generation) of wide range of charged elements such as ammonia, heavy metals, pesticides, smells, radioactive cations and many other toxins.

Benefits :

Raafres-AQ Absorbs ammonia & other harmful toxic gases
Raafres-AQ Adsorbs bacteria and total suspended solids
Raafres-AQ Increases DO level in the pond bottom
Raafres-AQ Maintains pH, COD & BOD
Raafres-AQ Keeps water clear

Presentation: 10Kg, 25Kg

Geolite plus

Geolite plus is a mix of Geolite and addition of Neem Oil which has a stronger effect in controlling and binding ammonia and other toxins from the pond.

Benefits :

Raafres-AQ Neem has insecticidal properties
Raafres-AQ Removes fungal & bacterial pathogens
Raafres-AQ Absorbs obnoxious gases
Raafres-AQ Resolves turbidity problem in pond
Raafres-AQ Does not change water quality parameters

Presentation: 10kg, 25kg