Ravical DS

Ravical DS is a glycine chelated formulation that provides cow’s requirements for calcium, Phosphorus and other essential minerals and Vitamins in adequate quantities.

Benefits :

Ravical DS Helps milk let-down
Ravical DS Super swift absorption
Ravical DS Supports overall health and fertility
Ravical DS Helps milk let-down

Presentation: 1L, 5L, 20L

Ravical Gel

Oral anionic calcium gel that is influential during the transition period of cattle. Ravical Gel provides instant calcium and prevents incidences of milk fever in first time calvings or successive calvings. It maintains DCAD ratio to keep a balance of ions in the body.

Benefits :

Ravical DS Controls milk fever by balancing anion-cation ratio
Ravical DS Improves uterine tone for better conception rate
Ravical DS Lowers incidences of dystocia and prolapse
Ravical DS Facilitates complete expulsion of the placenta
Ravical DS Calcium supplementation for high milk yielders

Synonyms : MAX CAL GEL

Presentation:300g tube