Gromin V

Gromin V consists of 3 amino acids with 8 minerals. It is a powerful anti-stress formulation that can help bird tackle periods of stress.It helps bird to increase feed intake and fulfil unmet nutrient requirements.

Uniformity in performance of flock can be achieved by amino acids and protected minerals in Gromin V.

Benefits :

Gromin-v Faster growth
Gromin-v Improved stress tolerance
Gromin-v Faster weight gain
Ravical Improved egg production


Presentation: 500Ml, 1L, 5L, 25Kg


Ravical is an economic product with a balanced ratio of inoc Calcium and Phosphorus with benefits of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12.

Benefits :

Ravical Improves bone health
Ravical Improves FCR
Ravical Improves eggshell thickness and regulates moulting disorders in bird

Synonyms : Ionocal D solution

Presentation: 500Ml, 1L, 5L, 25L


Vannamin is an ideal true organic nano mineral supplement which provides highly bioavailable organic minerals to the bird's body.

Vannamin should be used in layers as well as in broilers to improve the feed efficacy and to fulfil daily mineral requirement. it provides maximum number of i.e 77+ organic nano minerals to the bird.

Benefits :

Ravical Maintains longevity of profitable egg production
Ravical Improved feed efficiency and feed to product conversion
Ravical Anti-stress and anti-inflammatory effect on the gut
Ravical Reduced cracked eggs and Faster grow out times
Ravical A cost-effective solution to inorganic mineral under-nutrition

Presentation: 500ml, 1L, 5L, 25Kg

Vannamin Breeder Formula

A consortium of 100% naturally derived 77 organic minerals additionally fortified with essential vitamins , amino-acids , betaine and antioxidants.

It fulfils all the minerals requirements for optimizing early reproductive growth process to maximize lifetime performance for better fertility, hatchability and more quality chicks. Vannamin breeder formula activates & nourishes each body cell for better growth & development of chicks with additional benefits to counter oxidative damage and stress effects.

Benefits :

Vannamin Breeder Improves ovarian function
Vannamin Breeder Improves sperm production & concentration
Vannamin Breeder Increase sperm motility & sperm count
Vannamin Breeder Enhance fertile egg production
Vannamin Breeder Improve fertility & hatchability in breeder
Vannamin Breeder Supports proper embryonic development

Presentation: 1Kg