Intelzyme is an ideal enzyme combination solution that includes activated enzymes and probiotics, allowing for more versatility and a wider selection of feedstuffs to be employed in feed formulations. With its high specific catalytic activity, strong thermostability, and high activity in a broad range of pH and temperatures, it is tailor-made for use in the animal and feed production technologies. It boosts birds performance by enhancing the nutrient utilisation of feed ingredients and fostering a healthy intestinal environment.

Benefits :

Intelzyme Enhances nutrient utilisation.
Intelzyme Releases energy value of feed by breakdown of antinutritional & non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs).
Intelzyme Better utilisation of natural minerals especially phosphorus (P) & other nutrients present in feed.
Intelzyme Promotes beneficial gut microflora.
Intelzyme Minimises sticky droppings & odour, helps preventing mosquitoes & flies.
Intelzyme Intelzyme gives energy boost of feed up to 12%,

Presentation: 25Kg