Sac-o-Clear is a natural essential oil combination to prevent respiratory disease in poultry.

It is a combination of stabilized hydrophilized components that provide soothing effect to the inflamed respiratory tract during disease. Sac-o-Clear prevents ILT and stress associated respiratory distress by promoting cilia movements and reducing hyper-secretive mucin secretion by the goblet cells.

It optimises the tidal volume because of its volatile components by reducing tracheal narrowing during disease.

Benefits :

Sac-o-Clear Prevention of upper as well as lower respiratory disease
Sac-o-Clear Improved oxygenation and reduced stress levels on farm
Sac-o-Clear Improved resistance to seasonal and diurnal temperature fluctuations.
Sac-o-Clear Highly water soluble and easy dosage application
Sac-o-Clear Boosts feed consumption in stressed flocks

Presentation: 500ml