Toxicurb curbs the multiple ranges of mycotoxins. It is a synergistic blend of HSCAS treated with organic acids as well as MOS and beta-glucans.

Toxicurb eliminates a broad range of mycotoxins, polar as well as non-polar mycotoxins. The organic acid-treated HSCAS ensures an acidic pH for toxin binding.


Toxicurb Mortality reduction
Toxicurb Improves FCR
Toxicurb Body weight gain
Toxicurb Better eviscerated carcass percentage
Toxicurb Reverses liver damage decreases SGPT values

Presentation: 25Kg


Toxicurb Advanced is a cutting-edge technological advanced product with Activated charcoal, Copper oxinate, HSCAS, Organic acids, MOS and B-glucans. It has a high mycotoxin binding capacity and forms stable complexes with a wide spectrum of Mycotoxins, endotoxins, and chemical residues, blocking their absorption from the gut.


Build Lean Muscles Reduces moisture & prevents caking
Build Lean Muscles Irreversibly binds multiple toxins present in the feed
Build Lean Muscles Fast reaction time
Build Lean Muscles Broad-spectrum biocidal action
Build Lean Muscles Improves intestinal health
Build Lean Muscles Improves performance of vital organs
Build Lean Muscles Improves immunity & feed intake

Presentation: 25Kg


Turbosil is an effective mould inhibitor, toxin binder and anticaking agent composed of activated calcium montmorillonite treated with selected organic acids.

Turbosil possesses superior mycotoxin binding characteristics due to its good pH stability.Turbosil possesses superior mycotoxin binding characteristics due to good pH stability.It has an adequate CEC with ideal pore size which makes it a preferred toxin binder of choice.It binds to a broad range of mycotoxins, polar and non-polar both.

Benefits :

Turbosil Binds to both polar and non-polar mycotoxins
Turbosil Improves nutrient digestibility with crude protein digestibility
Turbosil Mortality reduction
Turbosil Improves FCR
Turbosil Improves meat: bone ratio

Presentation: 25Kg


Turbosil++ next generation wide range multi-toxin binder & mould inhibitor with high quality phyllosilicate montmorillonite and oligomannose. It is enriched with organic acids, enzymes & phytogenics to provides complete protection against mycotoxins (Aflatoxins, Deoxynivalenol, T2, Zearalenone, Fumonisin and Ochra), endotoxins and chemical residues in feed. It posses strong potential to bind & detoxify mycotoxins and limit the bioavailability of toxins in gut.

Advantages :

Turbosil++ Effective against wide range of mycotoxins, endotoxins &
chemical residues in feed
Turbosil++ Irreversible binding of toxins
Turbosil++ Protect GIT & vital organs (liver, kidney. reproductive organs etc) from mycotoxin damage.
Turbosil++ Selectively bind mycotoxin without hampering vitamins &
minerals absorption.
Turbosil++ Enhances egg production
Turbosil++ Act as immunomodulator & antioxidant
Turbosil++ Extends the shelf life of feed
Turbosil++ Improves weight gain, FCR & productivity

Presentation: 25Kg