Titex an effective feed additive to Boost Vaccine Titre in birds undergoing vaccination.It offsets the stress effects, there by promoting stress free healthy performance. It contains essential nutrients as in DNA & RNA required for antibody production along with MOS & β-Glucan, Bioactive selenium & chromium. It prevents immunosuppression & promotes healthy immune system.

Advantages :

Titex Boosts vaccine titre 53.85%+
Titex In immunosuppressed birds improves vaccine titre upto 220%
Titex Helps improve immunity IgG 24.91%
Titex Lowers Cortisol stress-53.62%
Titex Offsets vaccination stress
Titex Eliminates stress & enhance bird health
Titex Accelerates antibody production
Titex Supports healthy immune system

Presentation: 1Kg