Guybro D3

Guybro D3 - Double strength for peak performance, an efficient vitamin D3 supplement. It contains 25-hydroxycholecalciferol (25-OH-D3), most active metabolite of Vitamin D3 ,capable of supporting both cellular functions and embryonic development in chicken. Feeding Guybro D3 decreases the incidence and severity of leg disorders and enhances bone mineralisation and improves egg quality and quantity.

Benefits :

Guybro D3 Promotes growth and mineralization of bones
Guybro D3 Improves egg production
Guybro D3 Reduction in no. of thin/shell-less/broken eggs
Guybro D3 Prevents skeletal deformities
Build Lean Muscles Decreases the risk of rickets, osteoporosis and lameness
Build Lean Muscles Offsets cage layer fatigue

Presentation: 1Kg