Guybro Vannamin Product

Nutritional feed supplement concentrated with 77+ organic minerals, 8 chelated minerals and amino acids.


  • 100% bioavailable organic minerals
  • Improves fish & shrimp tissue muscles
  • Increases weight and survivability
  • Helps in stress free moulting in shrimps
  • Keeps fish/shrimp healthier & disease free

Packing Presentation : 1L,10kg, 25Kg

Guybro Diatomix

Diatomix generates live feed in pond water that is diatoms,. It produces oxygen to achieve maximum growth, disease resistance, healthy shrimps and fish to achieve maximum production. Diatoms are the primary food source for the aquatic animal food chain. Depending on the species and culture conditions, benthic diatoms contain an average of 32 to 38% crude protein.


  • Productive live food for fish and shrimp
  • Optimises feed usage and FCR
  • Improves DO level
  • Improves growth of diatoms
  • Improves pond water quality

Packing Presentation: 5kg, 25kg

Specific combination of probiotics and a carbon source for the next ‘blue revolution’  using Biofloc Technology in aquaculture. Xenfloc stimulates the growth of heterotrophic bacteria which is food for shrimps. It promotes partial or zero water exchange in ponds.


  • Enhances water quality
  • Enhances survivability
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria
  • Inhibits pathogenic micro-organisms
  • Partial or zero water exchange

Packing Presentation: 1Kg


Due to saturation of oxygen in summer, rainy days and  night-time, oxygen depletion is observed in shrimp and fish ponds. Oxyflow, a unique product provides sustainable oxygen flow into the pond. Oxyflow improves the health of shrimp and fish to get rid of stress.


  • Active oxygen of more than 13.5%
  • Maintains Oxygen upto 45 hours in pond
  • Reduces BOD, COD and mortality
  • Improves energy metabolism of fish/shrimp
  • 100% soluble and works immediately throughout the pond

Packing Presentation: 25kg

Guybro Geolite Product

Geolite with high porosity allows efficient adsorption (charging) and rapid loss (re-generation) of wide range of charged elements such as ammonia, heavy metals, pesticides, smells, radioactive cations and many other toxins.


  • Absorbs ammonia & other harmful toxic gases
  • Adsorbs bacteria and total suspended solids
  • Increases DO level in the pond bottom
  • Maintains pH, COD & BOD
  • Keeps water clear

Packing Presentation: 10kg, 25kg

Guybro Geolite Plus Product

Geolite plus is a mix of Geolite and addition of Neem Oil which has a stronger effect in controlling and binding ammonia and other toxins from the pond.


  • Neem has insecticidal properties
  • Removes fungal & bacterial pathogens
  • Absorbs obnoxious gases
  • Resolves turbidity problem in pond
  • Does not change water quality parameters

Packing Presentation: 10kg, 25kg

Guybro Raafres AQ Product

A non-antibiotic growth promoter specially designed to improve the growth of fish and shrimp. A real acidifier which acts from mouth to vent and makes the shrimp/fish performance faster with better growth. Prebiotics in the product perks up the immune status of shrimp/fish with  diseases resistance property.


  • Acid hydrolysis of feed release nutrients for digestion
  •  Enhances the bioavailability of nutrients
  • Reduces pH and destroys pathogens in gut
  • Improves villi length & integrity
  • Enhances growth rate & FCR

Packing Presentation : 1Kg, 5Kg

Guybro Gromin V Product

Nutritional supplement concentrated with vitamins, minerals and amino acids which act as an anti-stress agent. Enhances the growth by its nature of increasing absorption capacity in the gut.


  • Improves body weight and FCR
  • Increases protein content in feed
  • Builds immunity and prevents from diseases
  • Corrects loose shell problem in shrimps
  • Improves fecundity & egg quality

Packing Presentation : 10kg, 25kg

Guybro Spilac

Fish and shrimp need additional protein into their diets during juvenile and adult stages. Spilac is composed of Spirulina, probiotic, pre-digested protein other enzymes which is a complete protein for fish and shrimp. It also boosts the fish immune system to fight against diseases and bacterial infection.


  • Prevents adherence of pathogens in gut
  • Boosts immunity
  • Enhances favourable intestinal microflora
  • Promotes microvilli length and integrity
  • Rich source of protein supplement

Packing Presentation: 1kg, 5kg

Guybro Prorich

Prorich is a consortium of different probiotic strains which breaks down organic waste and use nitrate when oxygen is depleted. The consortium of beneficial microbes and probiotics maintains BOD and lower levels of Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN), nitrite-N, nitrate-N and phosphate.


  • Biodegrades suspended solids & organic matter
  • Prevents pond bottom sludge
  • Ensures high survivability & optimum growth
  • Eliminates toxic gases & pathogens
  • Maintains COD & BOD in pond bottom


Packing Presentation: 500g

Guybro GoodEarth Product

Consortium of probiotic strains which makes the pond bottom clean by expelling ammonia in soil which releases noxious gases and formation of sludge. It is an innovative pond soil probiotic specially designed to stimulate the bioremediation process in aquaculture pond bottom.


  • Biodegrades organic matter & sludge
  • Oxidize toxic gases and heavy metals
  • Increases survival weight gain
  • Reduces mortality and pathogen load
  • Keeps pond environment safe

Packing Presentation : 10Kg

Guybro Grobac Product

Consortium of probiotics in the water and soil should be eco-friendly. The broadcasting consortium of probiotics has immediate effect and multiplies in water and soil. An active component in Grobac is a water probiotic with a synergistic blend of beneficial microbes specially designed to eliminate pathogenic microbes from water, gut and exoskeleton.


  • Builds immunity
  • Eliminates pathogenic microbes
  • Enhances gut microflora
  • Improves FCR and survivability
  • Keeps pond clean and safe

Packing Presentation : 1Kg

Guybro Yucca gold 50 Product

Pure Yucca Schidigera Powder with powerful antioxidant Resveratrol, Bacillus subtilis and enzymes reduce ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and noxious odour content in the pond. This product reduces ammonia in water is a natural solution of ammonia pollution.


  • Reduces ammonia & nitrite
  • Prevents shrimp/fish from toxic gases
  • Helps in nitrification process
  • Doses do not interact with pond pH
  • Immediately controls mortality and stress

Packing Presentation : 500g, 1Kg

Guybro Soft Bannk Product

Soft Bannk gives flocculent effect in the pond water with water softener cum toxic absorbent. It reduces heavy metals, corrects alkalinity and hardness of pond water and promotes absorption of water/nutrients. It regularizes moulting and reduces stress by softening water.


  • Reduces surface tension and turbidity of water
  • Detoxifies & reduces the bioavailability of heavy metals
  • Neutralizes the chlorine & maintains COD & BOD
  • Acts as anionic surfactant and binds with cations
  • Increases absorption of nutrients

Packing Presentation : 2Kg

Guybro Grocape Product

A unique product which provide nutrient for fish and shrimp in the pond water and which is proved that it is effective in all type of pond water. Which as ability improve and trigger the growth of planktons in the pond water. Specially designed nutritional components to stimulate the growth of plankton communities in pond water and to reduce the turbidity of pond water.


  • Improves the growth of plankton
  • Reduces turbidity and clears the water
  • Helps in growth of beneficial microbes
  • Keeps water clean and clear
  • Maintains pH, COD & BOD

Packing Presentation : 10Kg

Guybro Turbozel Product

Shrimp and feed must be formed into particles or pellets that are strong enough to withstand normal handling and shipping without disintegrating. Binders are an important feed additive to meet these requirements. It is a smooth gel with a firm grip augmenting availability of nutrients.


  • Binds with all kinds of feeds and additives
  • Increase bioavailability of all the nutrients
  • Protein rich feed attractant stops feed wastage
  • Excellent water stability, does not disturb pH
  • Convenient dose for uniform mixing

Packing Presentation : 1kg, 10kg