Guybro Vannamin Product

Vannamin is an organic form of highly bio-available mineral supplement. It overcomes the depleting mineral content in the fodder crop by providing a rumen stable exogenous solution. 
It carries a neutral flavor profile and does not cause feed aversion. Vannamin improves the incorporation of macro, micro and trace minerals in the body of the animal and also results in improved quality of milk products due to its antioxidant potential.


    • Improved quality milk yield
    • Increased skeletal mineral reserve for parturition and lactation
    • Improved shelf life of milk and milk products
    • Faster calf growth and optimized inter-calving period

    Packing Presentation: 1L, 1KG, 25KG

    Guybro Biohurd Product

    A biotech buffer for healthy rumen. High yielding cows need high energy ration to maintain high yield. This can result in disturbed rumen activity. Biohurd stabilises rumen pH within optimum range. Summer stress and cud shortage can also be control with Biohurd.


    • Improves Dry Matter Intake
    • Improves Milk production
    • Improves Feed Efficiency

    Packing Presentation: 200G, 1KG, 5KG

    Guybro fitkow Product

    A rationale combination of glucogenic precursors, vitamins, minerals and ionic calcium. Negative energy balance can lead to a lot of disorders that can be acute or chronic in nature. Incidences of subclinical or clinical milk fever increase with progressive calvings. Therefore, the transition period in high yielding cows is a high risk period.


    • Helps in preventing clinical and subclinical milk fever
    • Helps in reducing chances of ketosis
    • Helps in preventing metabolic disorders
    • Helps in increasing milk production

    Packing Presentation: 1L

    Guybro Ravical gel Product

    Oral anionic calcium gel that is influential during the transition period of cattle. Ravical Gel provides instant calcium and prevents incidences of milk fever in first time calvings or successive calvings. It maintains DCAD ratio to keep a balance of ions in the body.


    • Controls milk fever by balancing anion-cation ratio
    • Improves uterine tone for better conception rate
    • Lowers incidences of dystocia and prolapse
    • Facilitates complete expulsion of the placenta
    • Calcium supplementation for high milk yielders

    Packing Presentation: 300g tube

    Guybro Ravical DS Product

    Ravical DS is a glycine chelated formulation that provides cow’s requirements for calcium, Phosphorus and other essential minerals and Vitamins in adequate quantities.


    • Helps milk let-down
    • Super swift absorption
    • Supports overall health and fertility
    • Helps milk let-down

    Packing Presentation: 1L,5L

    A value product containing a balanced ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus with benefits of Vitamin D and Vitamin B1.


      • Caters to maintenance requirements of Cattle.
      • Provides Calcium and Phosphorus in a balanced ratio
      • Controls Pica
      • Improves Calcium reserves in the body

      Packing Presentation: 5L

      Guybro Fedamin Product

      Fedamin is an elite group of chelated minerals. It contains a combination of 12 minerals with 4 vitamins


      • Improves fertility
      • Improves growth rate
      • Keeps cattle healthy
      • Improves fat % in milk

      Packing Presentation: 1KG,5KG,25KG

      Guybro fit kalving Product

      Fitkalving ensures safest calving transition by balanced calcium in the blood. It decreases urinary calcium excretion. It increases calcium absorption from intestine and increases calcium mobilization from the bones.


      • Healthy start to a good lactation
      • Improves feed intake
      • Regulates uterine motility
      • Lowers somatic cell count
      • Improves immune function
      • Regularises reproductive cycle

      Packing Presentation: 150g

      Guybro Animal Health Turbosil

      Turbosil is an effective mould inhibitor, toxin binder and anticaking agent. Activated calcium montmorillonite treated with selected organic acids are components of Turbosil. Turbosil possesses superior mycotoxin binding characteristics due to good pH stability. It has an adequate CEC with ideal pore size to make it a preferred toxin binder of choice. It binds to a broad range of mycotoxins, polar and non-polar both.


      • Binds to both polar and non-polar mycotoxins
      • Improves nutrient digestibility with crude protein digestibility
      • Mortality reduction
      • Improves FCR
      • Improves meat: bone ratio

      Packing Presentation: 25KG

      Guybro Animal Health Toxicurb

      Toxicurb curbs the multiple ranges of mycotoxins. It is a synergistic blend of HSCAS treated with organic acids with MOS and beta-glucans. Toxicurb curbs a broad range of mycotoxins, polar as well as non-polar mycotoxins. The organic acid-treated HSCAS ensures an acidic pH for toxin binding.


      • Mortality reduction
      • Improves FCR
      • Body weight gain
      • Better eviscerated percentage
      • Reverses liver damage decreases SGPT values

      Packing Presentation: 25KG

      Guybro Animal Health Toxicurb Forte

      Toxicurb Forte is a premium toxin binder treated with a synergistic blend of organic acids with MOS and beta-glucan. It contains activated HSCAS and organic acid-treated HSCAS. It is a potent mold inhibitor with broad-spectrum activity.


      • Binds multiple toxins present in the feed
      • Reduces moisture and cake formation in feed
      • Improves intestinal health
      • Improves performance of vital organs

      Packing Presentation: 25KG

      Guybro Oxigon Product
      Complete antioxidant for compound feeds and feed ingredients. Oxigon maintains quality and freshness of all materials like fats, vegetable oils, fish and liver oil, vitamins, flavors, pigments, minerals and other ingredients which go in the formulation of compound feeds.


      • Controls all stages of oxidation
      • Improves shelf life of feed
      • Protects feed quality
      • Retains feed freshness and palatability

      Packing Presentation : 25KG

      Guybro Gromin V Product

      Gromin V consists of 3 amino acids with 8 minerals. It is a powerful anti-stress formulation that can help animal tackle periods of stress. It helps animal to increase feed intake and fulfill unmet nutrient requirements. Uniformity in the performance of flock can be achieved by amino acids and protected minerals in Gromin V.


      • Faster growth
      • Improved stress tolerance
      • Faster weight gain
      • Improved egg production

      Packing Presentation : 25KG

      Guybro Lipigon Product
      Lipigon is a binominal non-ionic emulsifier having a high HLB value i.e 18. It aids in emulsification and absorption of fat adding value to nutrition. Fat provides maximum energy and Lipigon ensures absorption and energy utilisation to be converted into marketable produce. Lipigon promotes stable emulsion of oil in water. It can be used safely in feed formulations or reformulated diets.


      • Promotes growth and feed conversion reducing nutrition density of faeces
      • Aids fat-soluble vitamin absorption
      • Increases Energy: Protein ratio
      • Retains moisture of feed and maintains its nutritive value
      • Keeps liver free from fat deposits, minimizes abdominal fat

      Packing Presentation: 25KG