Guybro Vannamin Product

It is an ideal organic mineral supplementation for swine. Vannamin has an inert taste and smell profile which makes it an easy addition to pig diets.

Vannamin helps boost essential mineral incorporation in the body tissues to help improve healthy muscle gain in pigs. Lactating sows and piglets show an improved body mass retention and average daily gain.


  • Ideal highly bioavailable mineral nutrition.
  • Improves reproductive performance and longevity of sows.
  • Reduces visceral fat depots and lipid oxidation of meat, reduces drip loss.
  • Improves visceral mineral enrichment and improves meat quality.

Packing Presentation : 25KG

Guybro Gromin V Product

Gromin V is a powerful antistress formulation with the goodness of amino acids and chelated minerals. Minerals are required for all life functions and synthesis of all organic precursors.


  • Maintains uniformity in production
  • Increases feed intake, production, and performance
  • Piglets achieve faster growth,
  • Fulfills any unmet nutritional requirement
  • As supportive treatment with diseases

Packing Presentation : 25KG, 10KG

Guybro Liiteron Plus Product

Liiteron plus can be used as a piglet dip for new born piglets. It is an ideal combination of natural antiseptic and litter dryer. It has a strong drying effect, which reduces piglet morbidity to disease and reduces cold stress. It is safe and nontoxic in nature and can be used safely at the farm level.


  • It keeps the pen warm and dry.
  • Improves biosecurity on the farm, can be used also as a foot dip.
  • Has strong desiccating properties without making the pen slippery.
  • It’s a natural solution completely safe to be used as a piglet dip/dryer.

Packing Presentation : 10Kg, 25Kg

Guybro Animal Health Lipigon

Lipigon is a binominal non-ionic emulsifier having a high HLB value i.e 18. It aids in emulsification and absorption of fat adding value to nutrition. Fat provides maximum energy and Lipigon ensures absorption and energy utilisation to be converted into marketable produce. Lipigon promotes stable emulsion of oil in water. It can be used safely in feed formulations or reformulated diets.


  • Promotes growth and feed conversion reducing nutrition density of feces
  • Aids fat-soluble vitamin absorption
  • Increases Energy: Protein ratio
  • Retains moisture of feed and maintains its nutritive value
  • Keeps liver free from fat deposits, minimizes abdominal fat

Packing Presentation: 25KG

Guybro Animal Health Turbosil

Turbosil is an effective mould inhibitor, toxin binder and anticaking agent. Activated calcium montmorillonite treated with selected organic acids are components of Turbosil. Turbosil possesses superior mycotoxin binding characteristics due to good pH stability. It has an adequate CEC with ideal pore size to make it a preferred toxin binder of choice. It binds to a broad range of mycotoxins, polar and non-polar both.


  • Binds to both polar and non-polar mycotoxins
  • Improves nutrient digestibility with crude protein digestibility
  • Mortality reduction
  • Improves FCR
  • Improves meat: bone ratio

Packing Presentation: 25KG

Guybro Animal Health Toxicurb

Toxicurb curbs the multiple range of mycotoxins. It is a synergistic blend of HSCAS treated with organic acids with MOS and beta-glucans. Toxicurb curbs a broad range of mycotoxins, polar as well as non-polar mycotoxins. The organic acid treated HSCAS ensures an acidic pH for toxin binding.


  • Mortality reduction
  • Improves FCR
  • Body weight gain
  • Better eviscerated percentage
  • Reverses liver damage decreases SGPT values

Packing Presentation: 25KG

Guybro Animal Health Toxicurb Forte

Toxicurb Forte is a premium toxin binder treated with a synergistic blend of organic acids with MOS and beta-glucan. It contains activated HSCAS and organic acid-treated HSCAS. It is a potent mold inhibitor with a broad-spectrum activity


  • Binds multiple toxins present in the feed
  • Reduces moisture and cake formation in feed
  • Improves intestinal health
  • Improves performance of vital organs

Packing Presentation: 25KG

Guybro Oxigon Product

Complete antioxidant for compound feeds and feed ingredients. Oxigon maintains quality and freshness of all materials like fats, vegetable oils, fish and liver oil, vitamins, flavors, pigments, minerals and other ingredients which go in the formulation of compound feeds.


  • Controls all stages of oxidation
  • Improves shelf life of feed
  • Protects feed quality
  • Retains feed freshness and palatability

Packing Presentation: 10KG,25KG

Guybro Liiteron Product

A ready to use dry powder, suitable for use in pens, cubicles etc. It ensures better housing and living conditions. It contains a blend of natural oils which have a positive effect on air quality.


  • Ensures dry living environment
  • Better animal health
  • Better animal comfort
  • Maintains pH near to neutral

Packing Presentation: 25Kg



Cleans and decontaminate drinking water. Easy to use. Turns water into a valuable and safe nutrient.


  • Avoids biofilm formation
  • Kills pathogen quickly and efficiently

Packing Presentation: 25L